About Us

Looking to take your business to the next level? Shea Media Solutions can help you in preparing a social media strategy for your business. We can tailor a custom campaign to help you increase and capture your audience. Whether it’s setting up a new social media campaign, creating new content for your targeted social platforms or managing an existing campaign, we can take it to the next level.

Our Services

Social Media Strategy

Doing social media like everyone else doesn’t work. A targeted strategy that identifies potential customers and promotes brand awareness is the key. Increase prospect engagement and make new customers with a customized Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Content

Creative content that attracts potential prospects and engages them with your business is what Social Media Content Creation is all about. Let us help you create new and engaging content to take your Social Media Efforts to a new level.

Social Media Management

We take away the hassle of managing your social media campaigns and make it easier for you to still engage in the world’s social media ecosystem. We take care of managing your campaigns while letting you focus on your business.

Our Team

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Ian Shea

Social Media Manager


Read what our clients are saying about us.

Ian Shea handled my social media accounts and I’ve gotten IMMEDIATE results. I even got more than expected!!! His methods are completely organic and no bots. I recommended him to other artists and small business owners who are looking to boost their presence. He’s like the Shea butter of social media!!


“Professional social media company! Accommodating. Following instructions effectively”

Merle M. Singer Relationship Miracle Worker @ Merle M. Singer

Ian Shea is a social media genius. What he does for me, my visibility, my engagement and interaction with people is nearly a miracle. He thinks very creatively and outside of the box to bring you new fans and followers you would otherwise miss or never even think of to connect to. If you are looking for a good social media presence, to get more clients or customers or fans or whatever it is you’re looking for, call Ian! He’s the best.

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